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Born on an army base in Hannover Germany 1954
Occupation: Carpenter
Living in Totnes Devon

My life as a woodworker requires a highly focused, concentrated and meticulous attention to carefully planned detailed accuracy, and a conscious effort to best the medium I work with.My life as a painter allows me to loose these shackles, and delve into the unknown. Those worlds of the dream, of spiritual belief, of pure imagination, those are the realms I navigate as an artist. Where once much of my work was portrait based, lately the figures, the faces have become more ephemeral, more liminal, less categoric.

Primarily, I work in acrylic paint, using layering to reflect the layering of meaning. Right now, white is my goal. To produce a misty swirl of cloud and fog, a world of mysterious white paint, almost hiding the figure, that's my current dream.

Current Themes:

Container Vessels
Where does your spirit go when you die? My paintings portray the spirits of the dead held in container vessels where they await, prior to the journey to the afterlife. In the background the "representatives of the dead" gather, ready to guide the spirits on their journey. Some people have likened the "vessels" to wombs complete with birth channels. As I'm imminently about to become a grandfather, I cannot deny that my container vessels may indeed have taken on such an aspect. Death, after all, only being a form of birth.

The Representatives of the Dead
These are the figures who guide the spirits of the newly dead to the afterlife. They themselves were once the newly dead, but the longer they occupy the position of spirit guide, the more evolved they become. Eventually the representatives reach such a state of development that they are ready to return to the earthly realm as the spirits of newborn humans.
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